Last update: 2013.05.07

Where are CMS HCAL QC/QA run files stored on CASTOR?

Data from QC/QA for HF and HO upgrades for LS1:

QC/QA data for HO are in: /

QC/QA data for HF are in: /

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The files are also kept on a disk server where appropriate directories can be SSH mounted from any CERN computer.

Example for HF data:

mkdir ~/HFdata

sshfs "${HOME}/HFdata" -o idmap=user

Example for HO data:

mkdir ~/HOdata
sshfs "${HOME}/HOdata" -o idmap=user

In both cases you will be prompted for password of the user b904hcal – ask your supevisor or D.L.

Data from QC/QA 2003-2007:

Data from HCAL Commissioning and QC/QA tests performed at SX5 and B 904 before the installation of hardware into the experiment are organized according to the computer where they were recorded, so the repository names look like: /castor/ More detailed summary is:

3759 files in /castor/

Last file created: HO_018254.root on Aug 17 2007

8265 files in /castor/

Last file created: HO_008596.root on Apr 30 2007

7885 files in /castor/

Last (non-ZDC) file created: HTB_033274.root on Jan 29 2007

1106 files in /castor/

Last file created: HTBqc_018830.root

10443 files in /castor/

On 2013.05.07 all run files older than January 1st 2011 have been moved to the repository.