Last update: 2013.03.11

Where are stored various CMS HCAL run files?

HCAL commissioning and calibration in USC:

HCAL local calibration data starting with run 99910 are in /castor/

HCAL local calibration data from run 82742 to 99619 are in /castor/

Data from 2009 are in /castor/ (up to the run number 100000)

Data from 2008 are in /castor/

Data from 2007 are in /castor/

Tarballed MonVis files can be found in /castor/

Tarballed Detector Diagnostics files can be found in /castor/

N.B: The complete set of HCAL calibration runs can be found in

Access with AFS credentials can be obtained through D.L.

These runs are also available in

How to access data on CASTOR from outside CERN?

First you should have a grid proxy properly initialized:

$voms-proxy-init -voms cms
$lcg-cp --verbose -b -D srmv2 "srm://<FILEPATH/FILENAME>" "file:///<PATH>/<FILENAME>"

Where PATH is the full CASTOR path, e.g. /castor/

Links to test beam data repositories

Links to QC/QA 2012 - 2013 data repositories


Data obtained in 2012-13 by splitting HF signals into MicroTCA readout:

Magnet Test and Cosmic Challenge (MTCC 2006):

QIE calibration data (and code) from Fermilab: